Jeffrey Rosenfeld, PhD, MD, FAAN

Dr. Rosenfeld is the Professor and Associate Chairman, Department of Neurology, the Director for the Center for Restorative Neurology at Loma Linda, and the Director for Neuromuscular/ALS Programs at Loma Linda University Health Systems. 

Summary of Clinical Activities: My clinical activities over the past 20+ years have largely focused on the subspecialty development of unique neuromuscular programs. Emphasis has been on development of multidisciplinary approaches to provide aggresive, proactive care for patients with tertiary neuromuscular disorders. Motor neuron disease(s) has been the primary area of interest integrating a dedicated team of sub-specialists including pulmonary, GI, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech, nutrition, social work, neuromuscular nursing, orthotics and DME. 

Most recently, creation and development of the Center for Restorative Neurology at Loma Linda University School of Medicine has involved the organization of a large multidisciplinary team for the full-time, comprehensive care of patients with a variety of neurological disabilities. This aggressive template for comprehensive care is novel to the institution and was developed as a model for other disciplines.

Earlier efforts included development of the Central California Neuroscience Institute, a new 22,000 sq ft outpatient treatment facility, recruitment of a specialized allied health team and the ongoing recruitment of a subspecialty Neurology faculty to serve the patient population in the Central Valley. The neuromuscular and neurology programs in Central California have already attracted patients from out of the region and from out of the state.

Prior to that, my development of the Carolinas Neuromuscular/ALS Program grew to become one of the largest in the country with patients coming from 49 states in the US and six other countries. Integrated within the Neuromuscular Clinical Program was an active clinical research portfolio of both translational and industry supported initiatives. 

The Muscular Dystrophy Clinics within the Neuromuscular Program utilized similar multidisciplinary approaches treating children and adults with a large diversity of neuromuscular disorders. Emphasis has been placed on aggressive intervention of children with Duchenne's and Becker's muscular dystrophy. A program using innovative gene therapy approaches (development of morpholino therapy) was created to operate in parallel with our clinical efforts toward the goal of eventually bringing a new therapy to this patient population. 


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